Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul appear to confirm Walter White appearance in new sequel

Bryan Cranston might be returning to the world of Breaking Bad after all.

Fans of the AMC series’ excitement is in overdrive after actor and his former co-star Aaron Paul mysteriously tweeted out the same picture with the caption “soon”.

Many are assuming this means Cranston will return in some capacity for the follow-up film from creator Vince Gilligan. It’ll focus on the life of Paul’s character Jesse Pinkman following the series finale, which aired in 2013.

The picture they tweeted are of a pair of mules. After his days of cooking meth, could Jesse find himself drawn into the world of drug smuggling?

The actor himself teased a possible appearance, recently saying he could return in a flashback.

Cranston previously commented on what he hopes will happen to Pinkmanin the film.

He said: “I would like to see – and again I have no idea if this is what [Vince is] thinking about – I would like to see [Jesse] struggle to break that mould and eventually break out and find his own real true calling,”

A new TV show in Egypt is facing criticism for seeming to plagiarise direct scenes and quotes from the hit AMC series. 

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